8 ways to make nail beautiful, pink, look naturally healthy

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Girls like us, in addition to having to take care of your face and body Another thing that should not be overlooked is nail health. Especially about cleanliness. Because each day we have to use our hands to handle a lot of things that can cause germs or dirt to accumulate in the nails In addition, any girl who likes to go to a nail salon, nail gel, nail extension or nail paint even more need to take care of it. Extraordinary nail health Because most of the nails are rather fragile, easily broken and yellow on the face. Make it look unsightly โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

Today, Jarook.com would like to please all the girls by bringing good tips on how to make beautiful nails to leave this event who wants to have pink nails look healthy. I tell you that you shouldn’t miss it.

How to make nails beautiful and healthy

1. Make sure your nails are always clean

Start taking care of your nails in an easy way. Should not be cut too short Because it may cause pain in the skin at the end of the nail Then file it to prevent the remaining sharp tip from hitting anything and causing it to become a wound. In addition, it is recommended to soak your feet in warm water. And use soft bristles to scrub 2-3 times a week to remove the dirt stuck in the nail underneath. This will help make your feet look cleaner than normal washing.

2. Make nails moisturized

In addition to the skin Nails should always be nourished with a moisturizer to add moisture as well. After a new shower is the perfect time to moisturize your nails with body lotion. After applying the skin all over the body, do not forget to apply moisturizer toenails as well. Or anyone can use a hand cream exclusively, regardless of

3. Trim nails properly

If your nails often feel pain in the area, it may be because your nails are cut too short. So try changing the cutting method by cutting all in a straight line. And do not have to cut deeper into the corner In addition to helping to prevent an ingrown toenail. Also makes the shape of the nails of women look beautiful.

4. Avoid biting your nails

In addition to biting your nails, it will spoil your personality. May also cause inflammation and purulent nail tissue It also makes it easier for germs to enter the body. So if now any girl still likes biting her nails You should change your behavior immediately before it’s too late. 

5. You should not wash your hands too often

Too much or too little is bad. Washing your hands is the same. It will be noticed that when we wash our hands frequently, our hands and nails will lose moisture and dryness. This is due to the cleaning agents contained in soap, hand sanitizer, and dishwashing liquid, so if you don’t want to dry your nails, wash your hands. Or if unavoidable Hand cream is recommended to keep your skin and nails moisturized after washing your hands.

6. Apply Base Coat to nourish the nails

Should apply Base Coat to nourish the nail face. And prevent yellowing of nails Every time before applying nails or if any girl wants to paint their nails, they can apply a base coat (Base Coat) to nourish the nails. Make nails healthy And prevent brittle nails.

7. Eat nutritious foods

Eat all 5 food groups, especially vitamin B2, which is a vitamin that helps maintain healthy nails. Not easily brittle And also helps prevent white spots that occur around the fingernails as well It is found in animal liver, milk, butter, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, cereal foods, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, etc.

8. Always check for irregularities of nails

If your nails develop abnormalities Either the color is strange or the marks appear on the nails. Do not be complacent, think that is normal. Because some diseases will indicate symptoms of the nails. Best way if you feel that your nails have gone wrong You hurry to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

How are you doing? With how to make beautiful nails that we bring together today, any girl who wants to have beautiful pink nails, look healthy, if starting to take care from now, it is definitely not too late.