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Why do I have to hand in a tax declaration?

- According to the German law, everyone who earned more than 8534€ last year has to hand in a tax declaration.

- The tax office automatically deducts a fixed tax rate from your brutto income based on the assumption that the tax payer had no special expenses and received a constant income throughout the whole year.

- Threfore, even those who earned less than 8534€ can get back several hundred Euros of income tax.

- The deadline for your tax declaration is 31.05.2015.

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Tax equalization

  • - The tax office will process your tax declaration.
  • - After 2-8 weeks, you will receive the result from the tax office.
  • - Shortly after, the tax office will make the necessary payments. You can anytime contact our partner for further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on a lot of different factors like your annual income, your monthly salary, your special expenses, etc.
If you worked under the 450€/month limit, you will probably receive only very little or nothing. But if you worked full time as a working student during the Semester break for a few weeks, you can get back a decent amount. Example: The student "Ex Pat" has no income all year except for his 6 weeks full-time holiday job. He earns 4000€ from which 550€ income tax are directly deducted. Ex Pat is a lucky guy - he gets all of that back because he did not earn more than 8354€ the whole year.
When you fill in our Sign-up form, you will be contacted by our partner within 1-2 working days. You have to pay the fees according to your annual income within 2 weeks.
Our partner is a tax adviser company, that helps thousands of people since many years and will help you not only with filling out your tax declaration, but also with any complications that might occur with the German tax office.
No, there are no hidden fees. This fee covers a full membership until the 31.12. of this year.

Please note: The fees given in the request form refer to a single person without children. If you have children, income from capital of more than 2000€, a "Riester-Retirement-Plan" or an income abroad, the fees will increase

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